Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Boston-November 10th, 2012

“Second Firsts Workshop”

A live reinvention + life activation experience with
Second First founder Christina Rasmussen!

Upcoming Workshops

Have you experienced loss?

If you are someone who has gone through a loss because of divorce, loss through death or a really bad break up and you are READY to:

  • Reclaim your optimistic side
  • Taste the true excitement of new possibility
  • Feel the freedom to pursue your goals
  • Connect with your true desires, free from the lens of loss
  • Celebrate the new you that has come through the journey of grief.
  • Shed whatever is keeping you stuck
  • Realize the true cost of living your life at 50% and refuse to settle for less than 100%
  • Claim the true purpose of your life.

Then this is a day you should not miss!

Loss is not something that keeps happening to you—it is an event. You get to declare when “enough is enough.” You get to decide when you come back to life.

Join me this summer for Second Firsts Workshops—an action-oriented, experiential workshop for people caught in the painful gap of grief, loss + longing. Through self-exploration, shared stories, movement + music, we’ll create a one-day sanctuary for transformative reinvention.

We’ll stop time. We’ll speak the truth. We’ll open a portal to a new way of living. And together, we’ll meet our new identities, face-to-face—as survivors, lovers, parents, and fully ALIVE human beings.

Upcoming Workshops

Is your life where you want it to be?

If your answer is “no,” that’s OK, for today—but I want your answer to change. Second Firsts workshop is not a lesson, a lecture or a theoretical presentation. It’s a guided journey through five stages of self-discovery—The Life Re-entry Model. It’s a model I’ve used with hundreds of men and women around the world—people who’ve experienced abrupt and devastating loss, and who are ready to re-enter their lives with full presence + purpose. In one day together, we’ll actually begin the process of building new pathways in the brain—opening a portal to new patterns, new habits, new beliefs…and a rewarding new identity. This is an invitation to awaken your true purpose. This is a chance to tell your story—and find your tribe. This is a space to experience clarity, rejuvenation and hope. This is life reinvention—for real!

Upcoming Workshops

The Venue

The venue for the Boston, November 10th workshop is:

Hotel Intercontinental Boston
510 Atlantic Ave.
Boston, MA

The Intercontinental Boston is a landmark luxury hotel located on Boston’s historic waterfront. Surrounded by the Fort Point channel and the new Rose Kennedy Greenway, the reflective blue glass architecture, exquisitely artful decor, impeccable services, Intercontinental Boston is the symbol of 4 diamond AAA rated luxury and ultra-modern style on the Waterfront. Boston has a glorious past and vibrant future and Intercontinental Boston delivers the finest international luxury hotel in the heart of the 21st century Boston. A true experience awaits you.

This will be a SOLD OUT EVENT.


The Experience

Launching a new life is a strategic, intentional process. It doesn’t happen by accident. Second Firsts workshop is an active experience, in an intimate setting—just you, 50 new friends, and me. We’ll move through a series of guided exercises, group coaching and powerful neuro-mapping techniques. There will be music, and movement. We’ll enjoy a beautiful lunch. There will be story-sharing, and questions. There will be tears, laughter, and silence. We’ll begin with grief, longing + shadows. And we’ll end with love, purpose + promise. A celebration of Second Firsts, soon to come. The seed of a new life, planted with joy.

Registration is now OPEN!

Registration for Second Firsts is $495, which includes pre-event worksheets, a full-day workshop experience, catered lunch, snacks + beverages, and post-event support—including self-coaching tools and access to a private Facebook group.

You can also reserve your spot with an initial deposit of $245 today and the second and final payment of $250 in 3 months time.

Register for the BOSTON workshop: