Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you so much for raising your hand and volunteering to join the Life Starters Community beta test group. It means so much to me that you want to be part of this important work.

It is important that we keep this first group, a test group, small. This will help us more easily work through any technical difficulties we may need to iron out in the community application; as well as managing feedback we collect from the participants.

For that reason, as I mentioned before, we will accept only the first 75 people to opt-in and volunteer for the beta test group.

Stay tuned! You will be notified, within a few days, if you are one of the first 75 people. If you are, you will receive another notification email that will include instructions for how to get started in the community.

Thank you again. Your dedication to the Second Firsts tribe, and the future of the Life Starters Foundation, mean the world to me.

With life,