Exclusive Coaching and Mentoring

I know you find it hard to believe that you can create a powerful launch pad underneath your feet after a devastating loss or even a loss that is hard to define. I call those invisible losses.

Something that keeps you stuck in the past but you have not found the words to articulate it. It could be abandonment from your parents, your husband, your boyfriend. It could be that you always wanted kids but you were never able to have them. Invisible losses are harder to heal because they can’t be seen and labeled. But this is what I always believed....

If you have gone through loss of any kind, then you are more than equipped to not only Re-Enter your life but also build the life of your dreams. I am 100% certain that this is a path we all have access to but not all choose to access this path.

Are you one of those people who will choose the road less travelled?

Are you a victor over victim?

Can you choose life over grief?

Or...are you going to continue to let your story of loss dictate who you are every day?

I have worked with people from all over the world who have experienced so many losses. Most of the times I can tell within the first 10 minutes of our conversation if they will choose living fully instead of waiting for time to heal them. Stuck in the same place for years to come. In these first 10 minutes I either see life knocking on our door or I see grief extending her stay.

If while you are reading this you are experiencing push back and a lot of resistance maybe you are not ready to relaunch your life. I don’t want to waste your time or mine. But if you are feeling hope, drive and excitement when you are reading my words then please keep on reading.

Imagine that you are no longer struggling every day from loss, depression and pain and instead you can’t wait to get out of bed and have your day.

Imagine that all your questions about your future were replaced with answers.

Imagine if it was possible to truly see the steps forward for the life that you want. Take the steps and build the impossible dreams right at your feet. I know these are grand words and big promises and yes I can’t make all this happen for you on my own. I will need your commitment, drive, accountability but above I will need your trust. Trust that a new life is waiting for you.

Business Mentoring

  1. We clarify your big idea and test the market to see if its something you should start. We test through social media and engagement.
  2. We will build a big platform for your message and your mission. Whether it is in the corporate world or in the entrepreneurial world we plan each step and take specific action to move forward.
  3. There will be a lot of fear but we will work through the fear that stems from massive change together and create new brain maps to change your thoughts and beliefs by creating a brand new identity.
  4. We will create a 6 month plan at first so we get a momentum so we can plan on the 1 year plan.
  5. I help you clarify your voice and your message and your brand.
  6. We work on growing your marketing resources.
  7. I will share all of my resources so you get to truly jump in and start building.

Only apply if you are ready to invest in your future and take on the responsibility of making your career and business dreams come true. I am not very good at accepting excuses for not doing your actions or your work. If I get it done with four kids, heartbreaking losses and a booked solid schedule so can you.

I hope you say yes to bold new dreams, and a pain free life of financial freedom.

Work with Christina for business mentoring for four sessions per month. Think we're a match?

Apply Here or email Christina at contact@secondfirsts.com for more information.

What People Have to Say:

"I was thrilled when I received sessions with Christina for a very special Mother's Day gift! My daughter, Brooke, had been raving about her life coach and wanted me to experience some of Christina's "magic". At our first session I told Christina that I was toying with the idea of writing a book and by the end of the session I had my book named and the first 10 chapters outlined! I gained my focus and have been writing steadily ever since in anticipation of our next session."

- Arline

"I am extremely fortunate to have been coached by Christina and to experience firsthand her unique talent and total dedication to my needs. Prior to her coaching I had spent many months working on gaining greater clarity on my professional direction and despite forward progress, I just felt I was missing something essential. Through the coaching partnership we uncovered the missing ingredient which fully explained the value I was bringing to my clients and provided me with the direction to build my business. Through her curiosity and supportive questioning, Christina became an invaluable resource in helping me plan my future and the steps I needed to take to get me there. I am very grateful for her assistance in helping me find my path and I felt she was right there beside me, each step of the way, encouraging me forward.

I have experienced a number of different coaches, but none with Christina?s unique combination of courage, humility and presence; I recommend her extremely highly."

- Peter

"Christina is a true catalyst for positive change in every life that she touches... I can not express how much her coaching has helped me move from living in a state of grief to a true state of peace and happiness on a daily basis"- Christy

Very rarely in life do you find one person who is a combination of fierce honesty, loving compassion, fearless determination, and intuitive Divine wisdom. Christina is all of this and so much more. She is my guiding light, my beacon of strength, and the voice of reason and inspiration I need when I get in my own way. In short, she is the personification of Heaven on Earth.- Rena Hedeman, My Big Fun Life