"I knew I wanted change in my life after losing the dearest person in the world to me, but HOW? Christina led me down the path supporting and showing me the way over the bridge from the past to my new life through the Reentry class. The impact on me is huge!"

- Paula Harrison

Life Reentry Program

The Definitive Program to Restarting Your Life After Loss

Life Reentry LIVE: the 7-week program that’s all about starting over.

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You might not want to hear this, but it’s true. And it needs to be said:

Your old life? The one you were living, before the unthinkable happened? It’s over.

Your old life is not coming back.

And even if you could somehow travel back in time to that old life, it wouldn’t fit any longer. Because you’re not the same person anymore.

Loss has changed you + re-shaped you. It’s made you wiser + kinder. And while you might not see it yet, it’s made you stronger.

So. You have a choice:

You can remain in the "waiting room" of grief, indefinitely — caught between your old life + the one yet to begin.

Or, you can take one small step out of the waiting room, right here + now ...and come back to life.

Life Reentry LIVE is a 7-week program for people who have experienced significant, life-altering loss.

  1. Visible loss — like the death of a loved one, or the nightmare that some call “divorce.”
  2. Invisible loss — like the end of a beloved career, the loss of a identity-shaping belief, the private agony of adultery + betrayal, or an unrealized goal or dream.

Life Reentry LIVE is based on coach, crisis-intervention specialist, and speaker, Christina Rasmussen’s Life Reentry Model — an empowering sequence of simple steps that literally re-wire your brain, making it possible to experience hope, joy + excitement, once again.

We’ve watched program participants start new careers, launch businesses, bravely move to new cities + countries, start dating + flirting, connecting with new friends, and experience 180° flips in perspective.

The result that sums it up, best? "I’m finally smiling again."

Ultimately, this work is not about grief + loss.It’s about love, reinvention — and the rest of your life.

"Christina and her program, "Reentry after Loss" helped me to see the solid gains interwoven among the massive losses in my life. I choose to embrace the gains that have become a part of, and enriched my life. Thanking God for these, I walk forward in life with them as a part of me, through the "Reentry" door into life. Walking on this journey back to life with Christina and one another has been a life-changing blessing!"

-Margaret Holt Baird

I am fortunate to have worked with thousands of people all over the world, helping them cleanse their grief and realize their futures.

Not only did I go through devastating loss but I managed to create a brand new identity which made me see myself as someone who could do anything she wanted. I lost my husband to cancer in 2006 and I was left to raise my two little girls.

But more importantly, I had no job and no income. But even when I got a job and I looked as if I was getting on with my life I was still living in my “Waiting Room”- the place we go after loss to wait until time heals us. What I discovered was that I was waiting for time to heal me while taking steps that were taking me further and further away from my Reentry to life.

If that sounds like you....

and you are stuck in a place between two lives.

And you think you can never love again, laugh again or even dream again....
then this program is for you.

I want to take you through my signature Reentry process, and through seven weeks of inspiring and transformative phone calls, audio and written exercises, and self-exploration, I will help you find a pathway back to yourself, and to life, just like I’ve done with countless others struggling to cope with the pain of loss.

We call it "The Reentry after Loss Program." Others call it a miracle.

In seven weeks you will look at yourself from a very different vantage point.

Your self-worth will have increased dramatically.

Your relationships will be more about love, dreams and life than drama and misunderstandings.

You are going to start a new career, a new business and you will discover what your real mission is.

Dreams only come true when we take action. During these seven weeks, you will be asked to take action - not only toward finding love again, but also towards discovering the side of you that you have never been able to see.

I see some of me in you - someone who has gone through the unimaginable, but also as someone who can do the impossible.

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • A new identity
  • A fresh outlook on your loss
  • A list of goals to define your new life
  • The strength and confidence to go out and make a difference in the world!
  • A solid business idea and next steps
  • Confidence that you are ready to reenter life in a bigger way.
  • New thoughts that stem from rewiring your brain to see your life after loss very differently

This program is not for you if:

  1. You are not ready to take bold action.
  2. You are not a team player with compassion.
  3. You are competitive about your grief.
  4. You believe that you will never get better.
  5. You use your loss story to get attention

The Program Format:

In the Reentry program, you will get seven weeks of fully updated and expanded content, guidance and homework to keep you on-track and moving forward. The course will be delivered through Ruzuku – which is an online course program that you can access from anywhere! It also allows for you to interact easily with each other and me, building our own community of support and accountability.

Along with the course content for each week, you will also receive audio guides, 7 live calls with me, and in-depth homework assignments to help move you through the Reentry process.

The Life Reentry Program - $349

In this tier you get the full program, all seven weeks with live calls and homework to go with every week. You will also get live interaction with all the other participants and with Christina. You are expected to be on every call even though they are all recorded. You are to complete each week’s homework and interact with all other participants. This tier is intense but it does require self motivation to complete the work each week and to do the actions.

Reentry Program & Extras - $649

You will receive the full live Reentry program but you will also have direct email access and private homework feedback from Christina. You get to answer all the questions you have and she will respond to every homework you submit, and every business idea. You will have unlimited email access with this tier and additional help and steps to make your dreams come true after loss.

Reentry Program & 1:1 Coaching - $999

You will have two skype one on one 30 minute sessions with Christina where she will coach you and give you all the resources you need. The first 30 minute session will take place on week 2 of the program and the second session will take place on week 6. Christina’s sessions are very intense and very action focused. She expects results from your homework and she will be holding you accountable.

100% Money Back Guarantee

money back

If at any point during the first seven days of this course you are unsatisfied with the program, let me know and I will refund your money 100%, no questions asked.

In this Seven-Week Course We Will Cover:

  • Week One: The science of grief — and the art of reinvention

    A crash-course in understanding your brain’s hardwiring system — and why grief will continue indefinitely, until you choose make it STOP.

    You’ll listen to an intimate introduction to your The Reentry To Life Program instigator & guide, Christina Rasmussen — and hear how her personal story of loss lead to a revitalized career, new love, and a renewed sense of purpose & vision.

  • Week Two: Assess your reality

    A tough-love reality check, designed to pull back the dense fog of grief. You’ll walk through your house, and do an inventory of your physical possessions — and dusty emotions.

    Prepare to open your eyes and see how you’re truly living (or not living) your life — and how your everyday choices + thought-patterns are shaping your inner world, and outer reality.

  • Week Three: Check your pulse

    When was the last time you laughed, without guilt? Indulged in a senseless crush, without worrying what others might think?

    You’ll challenge yourself with pulse-raising activities, and learn how to remember your loss — and LIVE — at the same time.

  • Week Four: Shift your vantage point

    If you’re trying to rebuild the life you once had, you’re setting yourself up for pain + frustration. In order to end the cycle of grief, you’ve got to complete a 180° pivot, and face the future with fresh eyes. Discover practical spiritual (and neuro-linguistic) techniques to silence your chattering mind, and shift your sight line forward.

  • Week Five: Discover who you've become

    You’re not the person you used to be — you’ve suffered, you’ve shifted, and you’re different. So, how do your old values, goals & priorities align with your fresh identity — and future self?

    Using transformative self-inquiry & journaling practices, you’ll start to see your true self unfold into the present.

  • Weeks Six & Seven: Reenter your world

    From going on your first date since the death of your spouse, to taking your car out of the garage for the first time since the crash, every “second first” is a powerful stride towards unshakable self-empowerment.

    You’ll create your own personal list of Second Firsts — and schedule electronic accountability check-ins to ensure you complete them, on schedule.

"Three years after losing my son in a tragic accident, I was convinced that life for me was just something to endure. I joined several different grief groups and read many books about grief and loss and, although I met some caring, compassionate people, there seemed to be nothing out there that offered anything more than support after loss. That was until I found the Second Firsts Life Reentry program and Christina Rasmussen. Second Firsts gave me not only hope for life after loss but the unique tools to begin to plug into life again. Never was I told to "move on" or to "get over" my grief. Grief will forever be a part of my life but because of Second Firsts I am moving forward towards a life that involves hope and fullness and joy again."

-Donna Asbridge Osborn
"Remarkable can't begin to describe this incredible path that Christina has lead us to and through. I used to believe that getting over a death, divorce or other tragedy had to take a long time depending upon the person. In six short weeks she has brought us from the deepest depths to a brand new Life! Thank you Christina from the bottom of my heart!"

-Susan Dods
  • Reentry Program - $349

    In this package, you will get:

    • 7 weeks of fully updated and expanded content and guidance to keep you on track.
    • 6 live calls with Christina where she will guide you through the process and keep you moving forward.
    • Over 10 hours of self-guided homework and a new workbook for you to use with your assignments.
    • 6 hours of audio guidance from Christina.
    • Interaction, feedback, and support from your peers and Christina.
    • All course materials delivered through an interactive and easy to use, online classroom program - Ruzuku.
  • Reentry Program
    & Extras - $649

    In this package, you will get:

    • Everything included in the Reentry Program
    • New: Direct access to Christina through a special email address during the course.
    • New: Individualized homework feedback and support.
    • New: Additional individualized guidance and resources to propel you forward.
  • Reentry Program
    & 1:1 Coaching - $999

    In this package, you will get:

    • Everything included in the Reentry Program & Extras
    • New: Two, 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Christina (a $2,000 + value)

What Past Participants are Saying:

"I thought homework this week was intense and eye-opening. It"s been a long, long time since I took that honest of a look at my life! It wasn"t pretty but it felt good to declare it so I could know it. I hope someday we can all tell our current story and look back to today"s homework and it will be kind of like those dramatic before/after weight loss pictures for all of us."

"Wow Christina...I've listened to the audio part of Week 1 twice now and, although I know this must apply to lots of people, it's as if you're talking just to me. I've been living in the waiting room for three years now with no idea how to get out."

"... because of Second Firsts I am moving forward towards a life that involves hope and fullness and joy again."

"Now having shared coaching time with her I have finally turned a corner towards becoming the new person I became after loss entered my life. Nowhere have I ever before heard or read about not trying to fit into the heart and mind of the old me but to respect and revels in the new, "wisdom borne of loss" me. Christina has given me permission to cry but also to dream BIG once more. To trust myself and in a life ahead filled with possibilities and opportunities just waiting for me to open up that beautiful sparkling opalescent box, tied with a glimmering ribbon with heart shaped gift tag that reads, "Congratulations, inside awaits your gift of wisdom That comes with joy, blessings, love, laughter, strength, bravery and all the success you desire and deserve"!!!!"

"I just want to tell Christina WOW!!! That is all I can say! She was amazing. . ."

"Thank you truly doesn't seem adequate as words go... so from my heart, I offer my deepest and most sincere gratitude for your full-on presence with me, and for not compromising a THING in our time together. You are precious beyond words, and our time proved invaluable to me beyond measure."

"I just want to tell Christina WOW!! That is all I can say! She was amazing to talk to on the phone & I feel our connection just after a few short minutes on the phone with her. I could hear & sense her passion for what she is doing & she brought me a sense of inspiration & led me to the point that I know where I can get to!!!"