Certification Program

Become a Life Reentry Practitioner:

a 30-hour certification program for professional healers, counselors, clinicians + trauma-workers.

  • You're no stranger to loss, pain + grief.

  • In your line of your work, you see it everyday.

  • Maybe, as a doctor, you're accustomed to delivering "bad news" — and wish there was a better way to do it.

  • Perhaps, as a therapist, you've been trained to guide people through tragedy — but deep in your heart, you suspect there's a different way to approach it.

  • Maybe you're a nurse, a teacher, a pastor or a social worker. Maybe you've already helped hundreds of people step out of the "waiting room" of grief, and come back to life. But you want to do more.

Becoming a Life Reentry Practitioner is a powerful new credential to add to your toolkit.

In a 3.5-day, 30-hour intensive, you'll gain a deep understanding of The 5-Step Life Reentry Model — an empowering process developed by grief counselor + Second Firsts founder Christina Rasmussen.

The 5-Step Life Reentry Model is the only grief-recovery methodology of its kind — a process that takes loss out of the spotlight, placing life front + center.

It's a process that has already touched thousands of lives, and has been called "a miracle," "the missing ingredient" and "an incredible asset," receiving recognition from dozens of medical + spiritual leaders, and even the official White House blog.

During the Life Reentry Practitioner certification program, you'll learn how to ...

  • Guide patients + clients out of the "waiting room" of grief at an appropriate speed.

  • Use empowering, life-affirming language when talking about loss.

  • Handle your own emotions with grace, as you support others.

  • Talk about the psychology of grief + reinvention in clear, simple terms — in a way that inspires understanding + hope.

  • Contend with difficult cases — including people suffering from "invisible losses" that others can?t see or empathize with.

  • Create a "Second Firsts" action plan with your patients + clients — a sequence of empowering steps that re-wire the brain for joy, curiosity + passion.

Be one of the first certified practitioners of this revolutionary process.

Be a beacon of hope, inspiration + real transformation.