When I step into a roomwhether of two dozen or two hundredI know this to be true:
Everyone here has experienced loss. Everyone here has experienced pain. Everyone here has lived with the shadow of grief as their silent companion. Maybe for a day. Maybe for a decade.
From losing a spouse to losing a child, and from devastating breakups to life-altering job loss, grief is part of the human experience. It’s part of our destiny. And part of our DNA.
But it’s not the final chapter. It’s a chance for reinvention.


I speak to groups of men + women who are tangled in the transition between their old lives and their future selves—as well as the doctors, nurses, counselors + coaches who have the honor + responsibility of guiding them out of the gap.
As a coach, author + entrepreneur, I’ve found that the same neuro-mapping + practical life design principles apply, whether we’re talking about personal reinvention in the face of divorce—or departmental invigoration, in the midst of corporate lay-offs.
Bring me to your conference, corporate workshop, live event or retreat, and I’ll create something extraordinary for your audience—a sanctuary, a safe-house, and a space for transformation to unfold. With love. With laughter. And with brain mapping tools that literally rewire our beliefs about what’s real, what’s true, and what’s possible.

My Talks.

My talks + workshops fall into three areas, for three distinct audiences:
People living in the shadow of loss, who are ready to come back to life.
Caregivers, healthcare professionals, counselors + coaches seeking practical tools to support their grieving clients + patients.
Corporate, academic + nonprofit organizations that need a bright light of inspiration—whether to heal in the aftermath of an institutional tragedy, or simply to move forward with their goals, with renewed energy + purpose.
I’m interesting in exploring the practical steps of true reinvention. It’s what I stand for. It’s what I’ve studied. It’s what I strive to create, for each of my clients. It’s the core of my bestselling book, Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again (Hay House, 2013).
Reinvention is my raison d’être. Reinvention—and transformative Life Ignition.

My Training—and Trials.

My personal connection with grief + loss began in academia—and later, came much closer to my heart. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Durham University—both of which I completed on a full scholarship, while teaching myself to speak English. I’ve been certified as a coach by the Neuroleadership Group, and I’m a member of the International Coach Federation. I’ve worked as a crisis intervention specialist, HR consultant, and certified life coach—with hundreds of clients, all over the world.
Just five years ago—as a young mother with two beautiful girls—I watched my 35-year old husband die of cancer. I felt a level of pain that words cannot capture. And suddenly, I understood the isolation, the anguish and the day-to-day trials of living a half-life, clouded with heartache + grief.
Grief was my portal to reinvention. I alchemized the tragedy of my husband’s death into a new business, a new marriage, a blended family, and a renewed sense of purpose. And today, I’m crusading to change the way people cope with grief, devastation and longing—as a coach. As a writer. And on stage, as a speaker.

“From the moment Christina steps onto a stage, the energy in a room shifts. It gets quiet and focused as audience members respond to the presence of this great life changer in their midst. A second energetic shift happens within moments of Christina speaking. As she shares her jaw-dropping story and process for returning to life after great loss, hearts begin to open, tears are given the permission to be shed, and the certainty that true joy can once again be experienced fills the event space. When Christina spoke at Moxie Camp, she led our room of women through a once-in-a-lifetime journey from our deepest wounds toward a vision of the wondrous lives and careers that are our birthright. If you want souls to be stirred, hope to be illuminated, and tangible tips for personal and professional development to be imparted, Christina is your speaker.”
Alexia Vernon, Founder of Influencer Academy and Step Into Your Moxie

"I believe in giving birth to a whole room with my Re-entry process. You are no longer your age afterwards... But just minutes or seconds in your brand new life."

- Christina Rasmussen

"Christina is a compassionate, caring and intuitive speaker who speaks from the heart of a woman who knows loss deeply. She humbly challenges her audience to see their life anew and respectfully lives out her own before our eyes. She's unique in this way. There is something so nurturing and positive that happens when you are in her presence. Every word is nuanced with encouraging, hopeful energy and somewhere along the line you start believing it is possible to create your own second firsts and once again live fully. It has been an honor to witness the transformation and sparkle come back into the eyes of her audience."

- Carolyn Moor, Founder of Modern Widows Club

"Christina Rasmussen is a gifted, riveting speaker who has connects deeply with her audiences from a place of vulnerability, courage, charisma and true leadership. She touches on difficult subjects with a sense of humor, shares her own incredible story with grace, and instantly inspires others to navigate their own transitions from a place of hope, optimism and vigor. An audience lucky enough to be touched by Christina's wisdom and heart is an audience transformed. "

- Jenny Blake, Author & Coach at