Second Firsts Feedback Form

Second Firsts Feedback Form


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Spin back to the moment you discovered

1. Describe how you felt, as you explored the site and Christina’s counseling + Life Ignition philosophy.

2. How would describe the color + quality of your life, when you first began your coaching with Christina?

3. What were you hoping to achieve, after completing your first coaching session?

Place yourself in the center of your first Life Ignition session or Re-Entry Program.

4. What surprised you about Christina’s style + methodology?

5. Did you experience a major epiphany, or ‘a ha!’ moment? What was it?

6. Was there anything you wished you had spent more time exploring, or anything that could have been unpacked a bit slower?

Come back to the present moment.

7. How have your attitudes about loss, loneliness + longing shifted, after working with Christina?

8. What new goals have you set for yourself? Which of them have you already achieved?

9. As you continue to take strides to re-enter your world, how are you feeling — and what are you most excited about?

Last but not least...

10. If a friend, colleague or loved one was experiencing a personal tragedy, would you recommend Second Firsts to them? What would you tell them?

 I’d like this Second Firsts feedback form to remain confidential. I’m open to having my responses edited into a client testimonial — provided I can review the language, before it goes live.