Live Re-entry to life after loss

Live Re-Entry Program

A LIVE Six Week Online Program

Next course begins second week in  September!


Week One: The science of grief — and the art of reinvention

A crash-course in understanding your brain’s hardwiring system — and why grief will continue indefinitely, until you choose make it STOP.

You’ll listen to an intimate introduction to your The Re-Entry To Life Program instigator & guide, Christina Rasmussen — and hear how her personal story of loss lead to a revitalized career, new love, and a renewed sense of purpose & vision.

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Week Two: Assess your reality

A tough-love reality check, designed to pull back the dense fog of grief. You’ll walk through your house, and do an inventory of your physical possessions — and dusty emotions.
Prepare to open your eyes and see how you’re truly living (or not living) your life — and how your everyday choices + thought-patterns are shaping your inner world, and outer reality.



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Week Three: Check your pulse

When was the last time you laughed, without guilt?
Indulged in a senseless crush, without worrying what others might think?
You’ll challenge yourself with pulse-raising activities, and learn how to remember your loss — and LIVE — at the same time.



One on One

Week Four: Shift your vantage point

If you’re trying to rebuild the life you once had, you’re setting yourself up for pain + frustration. In order to end the cycle of grief, you’ve got to complete a 180° pivot, and face the future with fresh eyes. Discover practical spiritual (and neuro-linguistic) techniques to silence your chattering mind, and shift your sight line forward.



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Week Five: Discover who you’ve become

You’re not the person you used to be — you’ve suffered, you’ve shifted, and you’re different.
So, how do your old values, goals & priorities align with your fresh identity — and future self?
Using transformative self-inquiry & journaling practices, you’ll start to see your true self unfold into the present.



Week Six: Re-enter your world

From going on your first date since the death of your spouse, to taking your car out of the garage for the first time since the crash, every “second first” is a powerful stride towards unshakable self-empowerment.

You’ll create your own personal list of Second Firsts — and schedule electronic accountability check-ins to ensure you complete them, on schedule.

Because when you’re ready to re-enter your world, your goals will be your anchor.

Ready to come back to life?


  • Total coaching content & commitment
  • 6 powerful live calls with Christina
  • 6 hours of Life Ignition audio + 10 hours of self-guided workbook materials

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