Ignition Group Coaching – Lesson One-Part One

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We will take a journey back to your childhood to visit you before fear, loss and society affected your brain, your character and who you truly are. I want to see you, and find out the real you underneath all the layers that have been built over time.

1. When you were around 4 or 5 years old what kind of games did you play and
what did you love to do?

2. How did your parents describe you? What words did they use when they talked about you to others?

3. How did you see yourself?

4. If you could remember the date that fear walked into your life when would that be? You could share the age you were, or the specific incident that took place. But if fear was not part of your life that is ok too.

5. Finish this sentence: You must never…

6. Finish this sentence: You must always…

7. If your parents could go back in time and tell you something when you were a child what would you want to hear from them?

During your teenage years life started to shift, you had opinions, ideas and attitudes about life and the people around you.

1. What was the driving force in your life during your teenage years?

2. Did you have a role model?

3. Was your mom understanding and someone you respected?

4. Did you find life easy or difficult during your teenage years?

5. What or who motivated you?

6. How old where you when you started to date?

7. How did boys see you?

8. Was school a positive or a negative experience?

9. What changed when you became a teenager? Did you lose or gain self confidence?