Homework-Week Six

Homework-Week Six

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Please finish this sentence in three different ways

1. I am very good at:


This disc is about Re-entering and unless you have taken every single step, we are not going
to be able to Re-enter. So I would like to pause right here and ask you these question:

1. Have you completed all the actions? Do you need to go back and go over your notes?

2. Did the answers you provided in the action guide come from a place of pure authenticity and truth?

3. Are you willing to take the leap of faith and finally trust yourself?

4. Now close your eyes and ask one final question. Are you committed to putting grief aside and focusing life in front of you?


1. Write down the old goal.

2. Write down the new goal after the shifts have taken place.

3. Which skills will you bring with you?


What beliefs will your broken heart stop sharing with you?

1. Can you write them down and then draw a line through them (since we can't draw a line through items on our form, add "(Cross this out)" after each of the beliefs that you would want to draw a line through?


1. In this new life, what are you passionate about?

2. What important feelings do you need to let into your awareness in order to create the dream that needs to become real?

You need to able to let go of the past dream and create a brand new one to step into. Can you see the door in front of you right now?

3. What is the door to your new life called?

Please close your eyes and stand tall.

There’s a really big door right in front of you.

You’re standing outside of the door to your next chapter. Your heart is beating really fast.

Your doubts are right in your mind waiting to start speaking out loud, telling you how you need to stay in the same space you’ve been for so long.

You can actually shut down that part of you just for a few moments.

Can you press mute and silence the voice? It won’t be for long, just for a few moments so we can start hearing the new self.

You have the controls and you get to choose when to un-mute the voice of your broken heart and grief.

Now, there’s the new self that’s emerging right now.

This person is excited to enter this brand new door.

4. Who is the new self that is emerging? Can you see the new you walking in? Please incorporate all the new beliefs we covered in prior discs:

This person is ready for the adventures, for the wilderness, for the passion, for the love,
for the new people, and for all the plug-ins that you’re going to experience every day.

This person is telling you, go for it. Now it’s your chance to show up in life. This is your life after all, and you deserve to experience it again.

It’s going to be okay. You have what it takes. You have these skills. You have the strength.

All you have to do is place your hand on that door, push it open, and step into that new life. Everything begins from this point forward.

Your grief is going to be inside of your heart. I want you to imagine there is a path already going toward the home that sits inside your heart.

You get to visit there when you need time with your memories. You never forget.

There is a very important distinction to make: you go there to visit your grief. Grief does not visit you. You decide when to visit your grief instead.

5. Can you describe the place within where you go and visit with your grief. This is a safe space for you.

We sit in the home of grief that stays inside your heart, and you spend the time that you need there, but you know very well that you can get out, open the door, and walk all the way back to this new life.

Let’s walk back. Did you see how easy it is to go there in your grief?

It’s important that you believe in this process. I have used this process for myself. I now
believe that my memories, my husband, my life with him are with me inside my heart in this
home that I’ve created for them. I never forget, and I get to visit when it’s the right time for
me. I know that my grief understands and respects my new life. Let’s me take the lead.

Open the door of your new life

Open the door and walk into this amazing beautiful life that is there waiting for you. You
will make mistakes. You will take risks. You will cry again. You will fall in love again like you
did the first time. You will have new friends. You will learn new tricks. You will have new
hobbies. You will change your hair color. You will dance to a different music. You will sing.
And then you will cry again. That’s life, but I want you to start feeling alive again.
Take that new goal that we talked about and take that very first step and start making it
happen. I’ll be here, waiting to see you create this brand new life that you deserve.


1. My new goal is:

2. My 5% plug-ins for making it happen are (try to list 5):

3. My new beliefs about myself are: (try to list 3):

4. My new self-identity that is emerging is called:

Welcome Back!