Homework-Week Four

Homework Week Four

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1. What part of your loss have you been repeating in your mind over and over again?

2. How has it manifested in your life?

3. What will you find to replace the repetition of loss?

4. What is the opposite of loss for you?

5. Now, can you think this brand new thought over and over again?

6. How does it make you feel?

7. Can you imagine something different manifesting in your life, with this one new thought?

8. What is one action you need to do that comes from the new repeated thought, and remember to only do an action with just 5% input and not more than that. In other words, something small not big.

9. Make sure you repeat the thought out loud every day by feeling emotions alongside while you are repeating this thought. Can you also write it down somewhere where you get to see it every day?

This action sounds a little too good to be true, but we will give it a shot and try and reverse
some of the fears that have paralyzed you along the way. Please repeat the sentences below.

Here are your fears reversed:
1. I am not afraid to love again.
2. I am not afraid to live again.
3. I am not afraid to trust again.
4. I am not afraid to discover the new me.
5. I am not afraid to take a chance again.
6. I am a new person now, and the longer I stay with the old me,
the further away I am going to be from the reality that is truly present.
7. The new me is waiting to reveal itself.
8. I am present.
9. I see the present moment manifesting all around me; I am no longer ruled by my past.
10. My grief is only a part of me, and not the whole me.
11. I am ready to start over.

Final question after all the affirmations:

1. What do you feel like starting over today? It can be small or big; just start something new!


1. Find your breathing space. The space where you feel the best you can be. The space where you breathe a little better. In that space, you get to be closer to the life ahead instead of the life you left behind! Where is that space? Is it at the beach? Is it in your back yard? Is it close to the ocean? Wherever it is, get yourself there. Where is your breathing space?

2. Tell yourself that your fear is coming from a place of loss, and ask yourself where that pain is coming from?

3. Say hello to your fear, and look at it by staying in this moment and writing down what your fear is. If you need to shed some tears, that is ok. If you need to yell out loud, then please feel free to do so.

5. Now, sense the control you have over it. You are able to capture the direction it is coming from and you know where the source is! If you can’t feel in control then let’s try this part again. Look at your fear, and dig in deep down to see where it is coming from. Can you see it? Can you describe it?

6. What is that one thing that scares that you can now move toward and do?

7. Be honest with yourself and take that one step toward your fear. Doing so will release you!



1. Make sure you are in a space that is comfortable for you–somewhere where you will not be interrupted.

2. Take a deep breath.

3. Relax your body, your shoulders, your arms, and your face. Just be in complete peace.

4. Start walking down a beautiful garden, and see yourself exactly how you want to be, and the person you want to have with you.

5. See yourself making your dream come true.

6. How does it feel? Feel that emotion within and experience the moment when you are receiving what you want from your life.

7. Stay in that space of receiving your dream life, and feel how it feels to have what you want.

8. Repeat the five-minute visualization every day.

9. Write down anything new that comes to fruition while you are visualizing. Don’t forget— you are creating your new life in your subconscious—this is a very important exercise.

10. The most important element is to really allow your emotions to flow while this is happening. Remember, you have to match your thoughts with your emotions, and be present in the visualization.

11. Can you see the details? Be as specific as possible.


1. What is absent from your life that you would like to have?

2. What are you scared of?

3. How are these fears stopping you from getting what you want?

4. How can you change your feelings of helplessness and fear?

5. Tell yourself how you will change your fear. Repeat it to yourself over and over again. For example, if you decide to go out every Friday night with a friend to overcome a fear of socializing. Repeatedly say, “I am excited about my Friday night events.”

6. Set aside time to do this every day. Put it on your calendar.


1. If you are having a conversation with your grief even before you brushed your teeth, then this is definitely a red flag.

2 Your thoughts about your day are surrounded by fear. I know the kind of chatter grief is capable of; it feels like grief’s words are your thoughts, but with a hint of negativity.

3. You are having thoughts that you are so used to having and you don’t even question them. You are actually standing by them as if they were your mission in life. And you are probably doing this right now.

4. They are the thoughts that smell like fear and uncertainty when all you are trying to do is plan your day.

As you can tell, the number one characteristic of loss is that it robs you of your identity. Start by taking this one action. For today, when your red flags go up, sit down for just five minutes and answer the following questions:

Questions to ask your grief:

1. What is the value exchange between you and your grief?

2. Are you giving your grief more value than you are giving yourself?

3. Are you giving into its requests for the day and letting go of your fearless ideas?

4. Is the life you are creating directed by the loss that you experienced?

Trust that I see a life for you that you do not see yet. And one of the reasons you do not see it is that grief is dominating the ideas that you are producing every day. Allow for the walls of grief to disappear and approach this message with focus and attention. Something magical could take place inside your heart today. Maybe you will finally start seeing the significance in your life-even if you don’t think you care enough to do so.


What is that one affirmation that you need to tell yourself every day, over and over again?

Which is your new belief that will serve you a better life?

1. Choose 3 affirmations you can repeat every night before you go to bed, and every morning before you leave the house to go to work or start your day.