Beyond Re-Entry

The Journey to the other side and beyond

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You have found your Reentry point and come back to life after loss. Now, you seek the solace that comes with knowing your loved one is well. But this sense of relief is elusive, as you can’t be certain where they have gone.

What if you knew, without a doubt, that there is life after life?

That the people you loved and lost aren’t gone forever?

Would it change the way you grieve?

Would you experience less fear, greater joy and greater peace?

That is where Beyond Reentry comes in, offering views and insights from the space between the physical and non-physical worlds and bringing the closure that only this nature of exploration can provide.

This class will help you let go of what you’ve been taught to believe, and find the truth for yourself

***Important – Beyond Reentry is only for those who have participated in Life Reentry and/or Coffee with Christina and will take place over a period of six weeks. You will work with a private community of individuals who are paving their own way beyond Life Reentry.

christinaThis class includes – We start 3/21:

  1. Live video calls every Tuesday at 5:00 PM PST (First call is 3/21 & last call is 4/25 for 6 weeks). These calls will be recorded and sent to all current students. Attending live is not required, but is highly recommended.
  2. Weekly meditations that will connect you to the person you lost, enhance your awareness, and broaden your perception to contemplate the world beyond this one.  You will watch your abilities and gifts emerge in the process.  
  3. Daily access to Christina and a private FB group to share your progress and achievements with your fellow class members.
  4. Private Facebook Group

Requirements for class: 

  • – Participation in a prior class with Christina
  • – Open mindedness
  • – Belief that we can influence our physical reality with our observation
  • – Death is not real.
  • – Willingness to experiment with the mind




-You will let go of judgments and associations you have regarding life after death.

-You will learn to see the signs you have already witnessed and share these discoveries with your peers

-You will take a major journey that involves walking side-by-side with your lost loved one through intense meditations. You will gain profound insights on life after life and peace through introspection and exploration.


-You will start this module with a belief and judgment cleanse, where all the walls you have preventing you from truly experiencing this class go down.

-You will be introduced to your Super Watcher self. The part of you that is able to tap into the cosmos beyond this world.

-You will be guided every night to a dream state where you will connect with your loved one.


–  You will learn how to plug into life after life by only 5 % at first to experience small glimpses of this new unseen world.

-You will meet with your Super Watcher self and interact with the person you lost.


-You will experience a connection with the invisible reality and you will interact with it.

-You will start to create your life through the self-aware universe.

– You will reframe beliefs and thoughts around physical reality creation.

-You will co-create something in your physical reality with the person you have lost.


–  You will experience a solo journey to the invisible world creating new goals.

– You will see your Thriver come in the higher purpose of the self with a very powerful higher purpose meditation.

– You will practice journeying back and forth and creating a new physical reality.


– You will learn how it is vital to enjoy time in the non-physical world, learn from it, and use the wisdom you gain from that realm in the physical reality you reside in right now.

– You will learn how to live alongside the invisible world beautifully. There’s a way to be both in the three-dimensional world and at the same time maintain your awareness of the greater expansive universe, which you can bring forth whenever you want to.

– You will learn the process is like that of learning a new language and use this language every day.

-You will take a lot of action in this phase. Action in the physical world. It will feel as if you went on a trip and came back with treasures. Life will never be the same.


Call 1: March 21st
Call 2: March 28th
Call 3: April 4th
Call 4: April 11th
Call 5: April 18th
Call 6: April 25th

One payment of $195

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