We came here to feel every experience.

Sometimes everything will be going against you.

Everything will seem impossible.

But you have to keep fighting like a tiger.

Like a mama bear.

After all you are life’s earth mother.

Without you…life will remain unborn.



And inexperienced.

You are the mothership. 

We…are the mothership.


We are the sun for the earth.

The moon for the stars. 

And life’s only chance.

Embrace rejection and heartbreak the same way you embrace success and love.

They are one and the same just flipped over.

Keep your core self intact.

And let your branches grow from both sides of the coin.

You are strong enough to withstand loving and losing.

And then loving and losing again.

Until its time to go home.

Until we are no longer able to stay in this body.

I really believe losing someone we love can change everything about our life experience.

And not in the way we imagine.

We change at the soul level.

The soul level is a place where it is not very easy to get to, it is the timeless place of us. 

When we have loved and lost that soul level becomes accessible to us.

So when we get back to life everything is redefined.

But without making life our priority that soul level experience won’t mean anything.

Once we stop caring about our ego.

We will see that we never lose anything.

Unless we don’t choose life.

Then we lose everything.

We didn’t come here to stay in hiding.

We came here to feel every experience.


Good and bad.

Love and loss. 

Life and death.

With life,




  1. hi Christina – the message that really resonated with me on this post is that loss and heartbreak can help bring us more in touch with our soul. Never thought of it that way but so true. And yes, I believe it is our egos that masks that truth from us. Instead of realizing that loss brings us more in tune with our soul, our ego tends to remind us that we no longer exist – that I don’t exist as much without the person, the experience or whatever it may be.

    It is hard to stop caring about the ego. It’s spent a lifetime leeching onto us and creating our identity so when we try to overcome or lose it, we feel like we are losing a part of ourselves. When in fact, losing is really winning. As you say, good and bad, love and loss, life and death.

  2. It’s 7:30PM. I am so tired. I’m physically in pain. I’ve done everything I had to do. May begins. For 8 years I’ve been screamed at, put in the closest place to jail, mid america. The loneliness is brutal & at this time of night, after losing everything & having no one give a Flying F@#K. I am so exhausted. I’ll force myself to eat the food I picked up..as I watch a movie . But No One Realizes the pain I have been in. No One. I’m not giving up. But I am too old to keep getting battered. Just saying. I also have never met anyone stronger than myself. Cruelty is Cruelty. Just saying. I’ve been living in since I can remember..I’m making some noise next time.I’m Done. I swear it’s my defiance as my Family wants me to kill myself. & it all comes down to $$. Love Sent..Sorry but This is where I am Me..My Crime goes back..a Very Long Time..I’ll Keep Standing in My Truth..My Soul Purpose..But it’s not easy..& it hurts so ..that it’s secret & put in the “let’s Pretend” file. Time to start eating..xxxx

  3. and everyday i become a little more empowered by your words, you inspire me, you inspire me to become who i was meant to be after the death of my husband. my life is forever changed, and i am starting to see it is NOT for the worse, but for the better! thank you for opening my eyes a little more each day

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