The 20 truths I learned in 2013

What 2013 taught me.


1. We are born into a world that teaches us to be afraid. And we spend the rest of our life trying to unlearn that.

2. People come and go. Your true self stays with you forever. Take care of her.

3. Working hard does not mean success. Loving what you do. Does.

4. We have more than one soulmate. But we stop looking for him because we don’t believe that he exists.

5. We can do the impossible. All of us. You are no exception.

6. Rest. You cannot finish the race without slowing down.

7. Love yourself.

8. We can slow down time.

9. Yes life is unfair. But not all the time. Find the gaps and live in there.

10. We have what it takes to be all that we can be.

11. Life is short when you live in a loop. Stop repeating your days.

12. We have to spend time looking at the stars every night. Magic lives there.

13. We have superpowers. Believe.

14. We can have a conversation with God/Universe every day if we wanted to. We never have to be alone.

15.There are some problems we cannot solve. Give yourself time to outgrow them.

16. Ask and it is given. But not without giving yourself to it.

17. There are angels amongst us. But you have to be one, to see one.

18. Its your life. Its your rules.

19. When something feels wrong. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you its right. It’s wrong.

20. You have all the answers. All of them. No exceptions.

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  1. My brother-in-law passed away on November 21, 2013 after a battle with stage 4 throat cancer. I was asked to write his eulogy and in doing so I learned some life lessons. Here is part of what I wrote ~ Kenny was not only a husband, a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend…without even knowing it he was also a teacher. Because in the end he taught us to never give up, the importance of living every day to the fullest, the importance of the here and now. Even Kenny’s own physicians were surprised by his tenacity, his will to live and his ability to keep going beyond what they thought was humanly possible. And so with a degree in courage, a masters in the strength of the human spirit and a PhD in perseverance… Kenny graduated from life.

  2. After being widowed 4 1/2 years ago and this year watching a 44 year old friend in her last days…I learned I have a responsibility to enjoy my life, not only for myself but for my friend and husband who can’t anymore. Every small thing became a big blessing and I went full charge on SCHEDULING my bucket list items because it was even more clear to me, we just don’t know when it is our time to be finished here. If there is something you really want to do, or see, or experience….DO IT. The time of your life is right now.

  3. I am never alone, I enjoy being alone, It is my life and I decide who will be a part of it, daily gratitude, I believe in me, I take care of me, kindness and peace are a must!

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