Growth does not happen in big spaces, with no resistance or pushing back.

It happens when the space around us is too small for us and we push out stretching

our environment as much as we can.

Change does not happen when you are relaxing on a big arm chair overlooking the ocean.

I wish it did.


But I never heard someone tell me:

“I was sitting at this big chair overlooking the ocean and I evolved into this new person who could anything.”

Have you met someone who grew because of the wealth and comforts he had?

Change happens when you are crawling on your knees looking for your own space in the


It happens when you are hungry, thirsty and angry.

Change requires motivation.

It requires restrictions.

It needs frustration.

So if you are sitting on a big chair with a cup of tea wondering why your life is not

changing…get off that chair.

Yes get off the chair.

Right about now.

I can see you sitting there with your feet up being sad.

That chair will not change your life.

You are too comfortable.

I know about your chair because I have one of my own.

 We all have a chair like that…

I am not telling you to throw your chair out.

The chair is needed on some days.

 But if the chair is overused you will never ever change your life.

You will be sitting there feeling uncomfortable for many years to come.

That chair makes your discomfort a little comfortable, and change is standing by far

away from that chair.

So today you need to make sure you get uncomfortable enough for change to knock on the door.

Change will find you if you do the following:

Say NO to something you have been saying yes to because it takes away the pain and frustration.

 For most people its either food, alcohol, or bad relationships that keep you comfortable but not alive.

Whatever it is let it go for today.

I promise the chair will be there tomorrow.

 So what is the thing you have been having in your life to keep numbing the pain?

With some restrictions,


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