From Loss to Launch

On November 10, 2012, we are pleased to offer our first LIVE Life Re-Entry EVENT. Called “From Loss to Launch”, this event will take place at the fabulous Hotel Intercontinental Boston and will bring together 50 people from all over the world to share their stories of loss and learn how to start over again.

Launching a new life is a strategic, intentional process. It doesn’t happen by accident. From Loss to Launch is an active experience, in an intimate setting—just you, Christina, three insightful guest speakers, and 49 new friends.

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More Details here From Loss to Launch


  1. Christina: Thanks for taking great care of my friend, Amanda, this weekend. She tells me that she wouldn’t have missed your event for the world, and I am glad that she and Will were able to attend. Keep doing the important work that you do. You’re making tremendous difference! -Mike

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