Your life’s new addition

Your ability to get through your day while carrying grief on your
back, greatly depends on your wish to get stronger and better
equipped along the way.

The life choices you make while you are baring the load will
determine the ‘when’ and the ‘how’ the weight will lessen. The
people and the experiences you will be exposed to during that time
are there to be part of this journey.

They are there to help you see the new ‘carry on’ as part of who
you are, and as part of your future.

I know you have been trying to RELEASE GRIEF, and I don’t blame
you. But the sooner you realize that your life and your grief are
like brother and sister you will ultimately get along with the new
addition and put it to work.

Your grief is capable of bringing tremendous happiness in your

And I don’t say this lightly.

Or make a statement that has no real basis.

The day your grief will feel lighter, that’s when life will look
prettier, happier, and more PRESENT than ever before.

And remember your life is your grief, and VICE VERSA. The shift of
your perception, is the key to abandoning the dream of the life you
were meant to live. If you don’t let that go, the dream will become
a nightmare.

Instead look for creating a new DREAM in its place that suits who
you are today, not who you used to be.

Christina Rasmussen

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