Dressing Up

The morning is here and you are getting up to face another day.

STOP. Right here….

And Rewind.

OK. Let’s try again…

The morning is here and you are getting up to a brand new day that
COULD change your life. Because of that realization, you decide to
wear something you keep for special occasions.

All of a sudden you feel a tiny little butterfly in your stomach.

Dressing up for the day is already having a positive effect on you.

You look in the mirror and a smile is greeting you.

As you are walking out the door you realize that you haven’t felt
like this in a while. And you wonder could it be as simple as
“dressing up” for the day?

Could it be that when you decide to treat each day as if it’s
SPECIAl you get your own special treatment back?

Go on….Go FIND OUT.
Your day is waiting to see YOU.

Christina Rasmussen

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