Look for Your Future Person

Lately, I have been talking a lot about love. I don’t normally. Not because there is anything wrong with loving again after loss but I deeply believe that Life Reentry™ after loss has to do with our whole self reemerging and not just finding one person to love. So, I often stay away from writing Read More

Dream the Heck out of Your Life after Loss

I dream and dream and dream. Every day. Every night before I fall asleep I think of all the things I want to experience. All the places I want to visit. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Australia. New Zealand. I long to live at the beach and in the desert. Yes, both. I dream of Read More

A Portal to a New Life

This is a new series feature on new beginnings after adversity. We hope these stories inspire you. May marks the beginning of graduation season. All across America, students are donning cap and gowns to celebrate their incredible achievements. However, for some people, graduation is more than just celebrating an accomplishment. For some people, graduation recognizes Read More

Go beyond Your Broken Heart

Sometimes I want to get up and start screaming, so we can wake up from the sleep we are all under. Yes, I say we, this includes me too. Why do we have to have a tragic experience to be awakened? Why do we have to be shaken to our core to change the channel Read More

Nobody Thinks the Way You Do. Not Even a Little.

The way you are. The way you move. Think. Believe. It’s only yours. You are the only one that is YOU. Everyone else is completely different. Even people who have gone through the same loss as you. They are on a different path. Nobody grieves the way you do. Feels the way you do. Behaves Read More

Tell Them Your Age

I am turning 45 years old today. And I am so cool. Ha, ha. I am so much cooler than I was when I was 40 or 35 or 30. You get the idea. Oh, my goodness how come nobody told me that you get better with age. Why is it that everyone hides their Read More

The YOU inside All of the Loss

Today I want to tell you how beautiful you are. How loss has not taken away your beauty. How it has not taken away your humor. Or your deep knowing of yourself. And above all, it has not taken YOU away from yourself. Even though it feels like it has. And yes you have lost Read More

Tiny Good Things

When I sit down to write to you I think of you and your life. I know we haven’t met before. We don’t know each other. But in many ways we do. And if you have been receiving these emails for a while our minds and hearts have been connecting every single week. When I Read More

The Ten Things I Know for Sure

The older I get the more I see. I see myself for who I am. The good. The bad. All of it. I see life and its depths. Maybe we shouldn’t die when we get older. Maybe we can do another 80 years and use the seeing we have acquired for good. I am certain Read More

I Will Not Behave Accordingly

I will not conform. Comply. Behave accordingly. Or go along with everyone else. I will not believe their opinions about the way life after loss should be. That it’s supposed to always be hard. Impossible. Nope. No, I will not. And neither will you. You will not go down on your knees to society’s approach Read More

Christina Rasmussen

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