We Live Here, There and Everywhere

Everything that is true will always reveal itself. There is no way around this. As I am writing the new book I immerse myself inside every science and spirituality book so I can understand the nature of death. Who are we? Where did we come from? Where do we go when we are not in Read More

The Fire Became a Flame

If it was a scene in a movie when I lost my husband it would have looked like an atomic explosion. Destruction. It felt like that. And it was inside the destruction that this feeling inside of me was born. Let me tell you about this feeling. It’s like a roaring fire. A volcano that Read More

The Heart of a God Lives inside of You

Your heart breaks. Again. Even though you didn’t know it could. It didn’t break in a new place but on top of the old break. A break on top of a crack. Which can no longer be contained. Your heart breaks into billions of pieces. Scattered everywhere. The pieces are small, tiny. Never to be Read More

Choose the Red Shoes

Life Reentry after loss is risky. Yup, it is. But it’s even riskier not doing so. Regrets are tough. Mistakes are easier. We can learn from our mistakes but there is not much we can get out of regrets. (Click to Tweet!) Please go out into the world. Take small risks. Give yourself back to Read More

The Long Game After Loss

I am writing to you from eleven years post-loss. Eleven years of growing, writing, becoming and witnessing what showed up on my path here. At first, the witnessing was just for me so I could re-enter but around year four or five it became ‘witnessing for you’ so I could help you re-enter. These letters Read More

Look for Your Future Person

Lately, I have been talking a lot about love. I don’t normally. Not because there is anything wrong with loving again after loss but I deeply believe that Life Reentry™ after loss has to do with our whole self reemerging and not just finding one person to love. So, I often stay away from writing Read More

Dream the Heck out of Your Life after Loss

I dream and dream and dream. Every day. Every night before I fall asleep I think of all the things I want to experience. All the places I want to visit. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Australia. New Zealand. I long to live at the beach and in the desert. Yes, both. I dream of Read More

A Portal to a New Life

This is a new series feature on new beginnings after adversity. We hope these stories inspire you. May marks the beginning of graduation season. All across America, students are donning cap and gowns to celebrate their incredible achievements. However, for some people, graduation is more than just celebrating an accomplishment. For some people, graduation recognizes Read More

Go beyond Your Broken Heart

Sometimes I want to get up and start screaming, so we can wake up from the sleep we are all under. Yes, I say we, this includes me too. Why do we have to have a tragic experience to be awakened? Why do we have to be shaken to our core to change the channel Read More

Nobody Thinks the Way You Do. Not Even a Little.

The way you are. The way you move. Think. Believe. It’s only yours. You are the only one that is YOU. Everyone else is completely different. Even people who have gone through the same loss as you. They are on a different path. Nobody grieves the way you do. Feels the way you do. Behaves Read More

Christina Rasmussen

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